Property Management

Our team is comprised of experienced, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, connected and hard working professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the providing critical leasing and management data for potential buyers. One of the many benefits offered by engaging a third party Property Data provider, is redundancy in research data. Our team has vast experience in analyzing and managing data regarding corporate facilities, office, retail and industrial properties.

Examples of Property Management services provided includes, but are not limited to:

Annual Budgeting –

SDPA will prepare an annual budget including a forecast for both current years annualized expense and budget year information including recommended capital expenditures/improvements and competitive proposals prior to finalizing the annual budget for timely consideration thereof.

Tenant Retention

Our overall retention strategy involves providing high touch property management services with a focus on excellent communication. Our team also focuses on helping you build deep relationships you’re your tenants that transcend the typical day to day relationship a property management company has with a tenant

Property Tax Appeals

We have extensive knowledge and experience with the property tax appeal efforts for all types of property. While the actual appeal process is administered by the tax attorneys, our property management data will stay apprised of the current tax rates, appraised values, and will assist our customers (if applicable) in decisions concerning tax appeals and coordinate the appeal process by gathering the necessary property information and data required for a successful tax reduction.